So far, fundraising for a project has been all about conventional assessment and risk definition models – both for the banking sector and crowd lending/funding platforms. They all share one thing: they look into the past. History data, financial data, economic or Big Data are subject to analysis both from a company and a managerial perspective.

For a change, IdeasMeetCapital’s expert community applies an innovative system to take on shared decisions, based on the collective knowledge of those taking part in it:

Assess the future potential of your company now.
Creates a company ranking based on their risk assessment results.

the trust

It is the essential element in the revolution that is creating participatory economics in our society rests

new ideas
Participatory economics is triggering a revolution that finds its cornerstone in trust.

of millennials believe they won’t need banks at all

say they would be more excited about a new offering in financial services from Google, Amazon, Apple, PayPal or Square than from their own nationwide bank

are counting on tech start-ups to overhaul the way banks work

 would rather go the dentist than listen to what banks are saying

Risk assessment done by banks as well as by most of P2P lending companies is based on algorithms able to detect data models used to predict similar future results.

That’s why these systems use conventional sources or Big Data – current or historical –obtained from explicit information.